Taking a Page From the father of Science About the Father of Life

After all, look at all we have been able to accomplish with just our human spirit! Who needs God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit when we have our intellect, science, degrees, and technology?


Ask, Just Incase

Even if I walked away from God because His way is not the popular way, or because it is the uncommon way, or because I choose to fulfill my carnal nature and its free-will, I would still have to acknowledge and admit that He is real. I cannot deny that which I have experienced. This is a chance to find out and have your own tangible experience and then you can decide whether or not He really does in fact exist, or not,

Good Enough For Him

I realized my worth. I began to see and understand how He sees me. I am His precious and treasured child. And so are you. Nobody can take that away from you. 
Stop blaming God, start experiencing Him instead!