Rewrite Your Trauma

I wonder what would happen if instead of living a life of regret, pain, shame and guilt, we decided to write down the beautiful things about ourselves, and focused on living those beautiful things? We can rewrite our trauma by making the free will choice to do so, uplifting and buoying up not just ourselves, but others who are deeply wounded and unbearably hurt.


Write My Love, Write

Write until you feel the sun on your face. Write until the burdens fall off. Write until your mental chains are broken. Write until your emotional shackles shatter.

The Replay

Over, and over and over again. There it goes. The unpleasantness of that memory, causing you to wilt and wither. The thing that turned you into what and who you are today.

Merciful Perspective

What if your healing required you having mercy on the one that caused your pain or trauma?

Trade that Condition

You could use pain as a ticket to make the world a living hell for others. But remember, you can also use it as a stepping stone to bring joy to others. You know and understand what pain is, and you do not wish for others to experience what you have undergone.

More Resilient Than You Know

You are more resilient than the heat you are taking. You are more resilient than the circumstances that you have to bear. You are more resilient than the labels that you have been tagged with.

Faithful Instinct

There is no science, medicine or philosophy that is wiser or greater or better than your instinct. Your instinct knows you; your depth, your capacity and your power to will to yourself to live a fulfilling life.


What place do you escape into?  What habits do you hide behind? What brought on the escapist mindset? What pain? What agony? What abuse? What violation? What tragedy? what mistake? what guilt? What shame? What self-disgust? Which of these brought this mindset on you? Which of them made you create and develop self-destructive vices?

What’s on Your Mind?

What is troubling you? What are you trying to figure out? What is weighing you down? What do you soak your mind with? What do you water it with? What are the thoughts that you carry? Have you committed your mind to building kindness, goodness, abundance of light, and, upgrading your levels of love and peace? Or, have you allowed your mind slip away into bitterness, unkindness, anger, abundance of darkness, degrading your levels of courage, joy and beauty?