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Activate Purpose Online Course

The Courage to Look Within Us

Course Description. Why are you here? Think about it. Take a deep breath. Calm yourself. This course is valuable because it will touch your past, present and future. It is about your precious life and where you go from here. It nudges and urges you to be extremely honest with yourself. It is priceless, in that it will take you back to how far you have come, bring you to the present, and take you into the future. Why are you here?
Have the courage to look within. This is your cathartic moment. Use it. This is for you.

You are worth it and you deserve it!

Lesson One: Who Am I? Who Do I Want To Be? Do I Know?

Lesson Two: DO I Know My Purpose In Life? What Does It Look Like?

Lesson Three: What Am I Going To Do About It?

Lesson Four: I Have never Thought About My Purpose In Life. What Am I Going To Do About It?

Lesson Five: What Are My Spiritual Beliefs And Foundation?

Lesson Six: How Does My Spiritual Belief Influence My Emotions, Thoughts And Actions?

Lesson Seven: I am Not Spiritual, Who Or What Do I Draw Strength, Wisdom, Courage And Direction From?

Lesson Eight: What Do I Want My End Of Life To Look Like?

Go for it:

Thank you for trusting me with your heart, soul, spirit and mind! I do not take it for granted, at allI’ll be rooting for you! 



After the course, you likely will want to write your own book. I can assist you with brainstorming your book and give it life with your life’s lessons, message and gift for your audience.


Eagle Eye Angel Writer Expressive Writing Services

Let’s Have a CATHARTIC Moment Together! I will assist you in expressing your heart, your soul, your feelings, and your spirit, into a book.