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Hi! I’m Sonia! I am SO glad that you are here.

Sierra LeoneI was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa, to two amazing individuals who came from humble beginnings to become diplomats and great contributors to their community and family. As an African child, I was fortunate enough to attend elite boarding and international schools, creating lifelong friendships with people from all races, religions or non-religions, and walks of life. This isn’t to say I lived a life sheltered from harshness and real struggle — far from it, in fact.

Hailing from civil war torn Sierra Leone, a war created by blood diamonds, I have always felt very blessed to have escaped the rape, torture, mutilation and death that my fellow sisters endured. Since then I have never taken my life for granted. I have always known that there was a purpose for my survival, for my being here in America and making it my home. Coming to America was never part of my plans growing up. I always wanted to live in Sierra Leone and use my education to assist the poor and uneducated. I attribute my being here to a Divine Plan, which is unfolding as I mature spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Thus far, I have connected the dots from having the type of parents I have, the diverse people I have come across, personally and professionally, and I embrace every joy and challenge that have come with those experiences, because I could not have written any of my books otherwise.

I am one of those individuals who truly believes that we can determine to become more loving, more kind and more patient towards each other. I hope that my reflections in my books will be a beacon of hope and bring inner peace to those who are struggling, who are lost, and who are ready to make a change.

To get to know me more, please explore the website, read the blogs and, of course, read the books and honor me with your thoughts. Grant me the opportunity to learn from you too!

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