This site is where we come bare, unashamed, to UNDO what has held us back and held us down. We come empty, tormented, traumatized, stigmatized, confused, lost and afraid, seeking, with all that we are and all that we are not, as we strive to be set free from our ugly truths and fears. There is nothing to be ashamed about. We ALL have something in us, something about us, that we would prefer not to remember, think about, face or reveal. But here we are! We have tried everything, everyone, let’s try God now. It’s time. Let’s get UNDONE!

Let’s Undo.

  • U – Untangle, Unscramble, Unsnarl, Extricate, Unravel, Quash, Solve
  • N – Nullify, Quash, Abolish, Clear up
  • D – Discover, Locate, Identify, Uncover, Unearth, Spot, Realize
  • O – Oil up and become anointed to do wonders


Come as we are. It doesn’t matter who we are, what we have done, where we have been. We are all VALUED here because we are all precious souls in God’s hand. Nobody is in the position to judge another, none of us has earned that seat. But we can strive to build and boost each other up. We can determine to heal and let go of the past.


We come as messed up as we are.    We come as broken as we are.

We come as battered as we are.       We come as tormented as we are.

We come as unclean as we feel.       We come as guilty as we feel.

We come as ashamed as we are.      We come as insecure as we are.

We come as bruised as we are.         We come as confused as we are.

We come with our imperfections.    We come with our souls bare.


To find the courage to look within.               To press in and bring out our essence.

To find the courage to heal.                            To find the courage to be a blessing.

To find the courage to have hope.                 To find the courage to bring and give hope.


We LOVE. We read. We think.  We express.We exchange ideas. We write.

We embrace Spirit over matter. We choose to yield to God. We dare to try.


Humanity meets Divinity in a SAFE space. Divinity POURS unconditional love

Humanity seeks Divine courage. Divinity embraces humanity.

Humanity succumbs to divine power. Divinity POURS strength, wisdom and guidance.

Humanity REGAINS purpose and true sense of self-worth. Divinity empowers humanity.



Eagle Eye Angel Writer Expressive Writing Services

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