What’s on Your Mind?


What do you soak your mind with? What do you water it with? What are the thoughts that you carry? How are they affecting you? Are you carrying positive thoughts about yourself? Are you harboring deeply seated negative thoughts about who you are, who you have become? Or do you carry brilliant thoughts about yourself?

What is on your mind, about yourself? Are you focused on how to better your life, or have you succumbed your mind to giving up and throwing in the towel? Have you committed your mind to building kindness, goodness, abundance of light, and, upgrading your levels of love and peace? Or, have you allowed your mind slip away into bitterness, unkindness, anger, abundance of darkness, degrading your levels of courage, joy and beauty?

Will you begin to  work on your mind today? Will you work on taking away the negative stuff and fill it with positive things? It is a decision that you have to make, to offload anger, envy, jealousy, and any other recognized ugliness within you, and upload your mind with happiness, serenity, solitude, tranquility. Will you fill your mind with good thoughts? Or, will the bad things continue to flow in and flow out?

Will you stop being judgmental of yourself and of others? Will you stop denying yourself the enjoyment of life? Will you stop being anxious, depriving yourself, and those around you, tranquility and peace of mind? Will you stop being so full of wrath that you constantly bring tragedy to yourself and to others? What is on your mind? What are you filling it with? Is it empowering or is it dis-empowering? Is it fruitful, or is it rotten?

Take the time to inwardly, not outwardly, beautify. Take the time to paint beautiful colors within. Take the time to build your heart, mind and soul with things that are noble and worthy, for your sake and that of others. Let the good things of life saturate your mind and permeate your life. Be mindful of what you fill your mind with. Be mindful of what you pour in. Be mindful of what you occupy your mind with.

What is on your mind? Make it beautiful, lovely, thoughtful and kind!


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