You Choose Your Foundation You Lie in It

In these times of terror, distress, helplessness, confusion and fear, who do you look up to? In this age of constant darkness, lies, distrust, insecurity and anger who can you trust, who can you rely on? Who can you rely on? In this time of instability what is your foundation? Who or what assists you in remaining unshakable and unmoved, even in moments of your deepest fears? Who or what do you look up to? What does your foundation do for you?

  • What is your foundation?
  • What is the source of your foundation?
  • What is your foundation made of? Can you truly rely on it with your life?
  • What is the depth, length, breadth and height of your foundation?
  • Can your foundation hold and sustain you through your darkest fears?
  • What does your foundation do for your soul, mind, body and spirit?
  • What does your foundation fill your mind, soul and spirit with?
  • What does your foundation motivate and inspire you to do?
  • What and who has your foundation turned you into?
  • Can you look up to and can you depend upon your foundation?
  • Can your foundation rescue you in your mayday hour?

I don’t know who or what you believe in, but your life is valuable, your life means something, so it does matter who or what you look up to for guidance, wisdom, strength, peace, love, power and sustenance. It does matter who and what you fill your mind, soul, body and spirit with. Your beliefs may differ from mine, but I believe in God, so he is therefore my foundation. He keeps me steady when all hell is breaking lose around me. He is the light in my darkness. I am sure about looking up to Him. Are you absolutely sure about looking up to your foundation? Are you absolutely sure it will sustain you? 

  • Can your foundation love you?
  • Can your foundation care for and about you?
  • Can your foundation assist you in fulfilling your purpose?
  • Can your foundation embrace you in your darkest hour?
  • Can your foundation stop your ship from sinking?
  • Can your foundation heal you and make you whole again?

You choose your foundation, you lie in it. That’s just how it works.

Do you need to revisit your foundation and discover what you have laid out for your life, your mind, your body, your soul and your spirit? This might be a good time to drop everything and do just that.

Check your foundation! Make sure that you do want to lie in it! Or not.

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