What Do Your Tune and Dance Promote?


Who am I? Who are you? Whose tune do you dance to? What do you dance to? Where is that dance leading you to? Do you stop to ask yourself? Are you careful about your dance and how it affects you and others around you? Do you care? Do you not care?

Whose tune do you dance to? Yours or someone else’s? Does your tune carry caring rhythms? Do you merge with others who  do the same? Does your tune carry destructive rhythms? Do you join those who are of the same?

What do your tune and dance create? Where will they take you? What are they doing for humanity? What are they doing for you, your family, friends, neighbors, community,co-workers and strangers?

What do your tune and dance promote? Pain, fear, anxiety, stigma, division, hurt, bias, anger, rage, depression, prejudice? Or do they leave a ripple effect of joy, peace, tranquility, love, unity?

What are your tune and dance of preference? The kind that builds, heals and brings life? Or the the preference that brings destruction, fear, hatred and death?

What is your tune? What is your dance? Choose well my friend, my brother, my sister.

“What we decide to do and how we react to others and to situations sends out ripple effects. What kind of ripple effects would you like to send out?” ~The Reminder: Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence

Choose well! There is power in caring!



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