Divinely Created Beyond a Theory?

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We always ask whether or not we should believe in the existence of God, but do we ever ask whether or not God believes in us? Is it possible that no matter what we feel or think about Him, God loves us so much that whether or not we believe in Him, whether or not anybody believes in us, and even if we don’t believe in ourselves, He does?

Despite what we have been told, what we have been taught, and what evil people have done in His name, I do not believe that He is so insecure and controlling, needing to criticize, punish, and judge us at every turn, or scheming to slices us into pieces and beat us into a condemned pulp. No, He wants us to use the indescribable power He has generously created within us to elevate ourselves and take flight into our purpose and destiny. He basks in our successes! He glories in our victories, and rejoices in our deliverance, and hurts when we hurt.

I believe that God created us, that we are His divine products, so of course He believes in us, because  when He created us, He did not leave us hanging. He put everything we will ever need to succeed, right inside of us but we have to tune Him in. This way, we can live a life of dominion over the demons, the vices, heartbreak, depression, tragedies, trauma and discouragement that torment, entrap and imprison us. They have weakened and impeded us, and most of us have succumbed to their weight, darkness and misery.

Think about it this way. Manufacturers create products all the time, with all the correct and necessary parts, and confidently promote and sell these products. These products are just things, perishable, material things that come with guarantees, but also warranties and disclaimers. Wow! But we believe them, we believe in the products, and we pay to acquire them. If we can believe in products made by humanity, knowing that they are not flawless, how much more should we believe in a God who declares that He has created us fearfully and wonderfully! Should we not allow the power of this God to enter our spirits, and allow His glory to light our way so we can take off, not from the ordinary man-made path of life, but from His extraordinary divine power, assisting us in taking flight into meaningful purpose and a sure destiny?

What would life be like if we let His faith in us be our heartbeat? What if we tested Him out and we saw ourselves through His eyes and through His blueprint for each of us? What if we allowed His hope for us, His faith in us, be our fuel to be the best that we can ever be, maximizing every potential? What could be so bad about believing in such a God? What is it that is so hateful about Him who gives life, who shows us a way when situations become terrifying, tough, difficult to endure, and seemingly impossible? What is it about us that is turned off by a God who does not want us to give up on ourselves?

Maybe we are afraid to believe that He exists and maybe we cannot fathom that such a divine being actually believes in us, because in our limited human capacity we cannot contain that belief, because all we see are our imperfections, our fears, anxieties, anger and depression.  Maybe we are unable to process the thought that God believes in us? Maybe we are incapable of seeing how precious, valuable and priceless we are in His eyes.

Is our limited human and carnal nature all we are or is there more to us?

Wouldn’t it be wise to investigate and explore if we are indeed divinely created and therefore born with such life-giving, life-empowering, problem-conquering, victorious-living power? It’s always our choice to do the research.

I don’t believe that we are mere theories.  I believe that we are created way beyond that. Maybe its time to find out!



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